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Insurers: Build Trust By Protecting Consumers in the Digital Age

Consumers show a growing appetite for expanding their use of online services and mobile devices but want more awareness and control over how their personal information can be safeguarded to protect their credit, their identities and their overall privacy. This Experian webinar will describe and explain the impact of the digital revolution on the consumer and establish how property/casualty insurers are uniquely qualified and positioned to assist and protect consumers in safely and comfortably making the transition to a digital world; one in which personal information of many types is captured and recorded immediately and permanently in electronic form. The webinar is presented by Allen Anderson, president of Experian Partner Solutions, and Todd Eyler, research director of the insurance practice for Aite Group. Register today to view immediately on-demand.

The Future of Healthcare: Preparing Providers for Impact of Affordable Care Act

Ongoing consolidation among U.S. hospitals and health care providers, along with dramatic changes in health care delivery due to the Affordable Care Act, is creating new risks and new risk management challenges for hospital systems and other health care providers. Mergers and acquisitions among providers is creating new scale, new complexity and new exposures. The impact of the reforms will also be felt by providers in their role as employers offering benefit programs that also will be impacted by changes in the health care system. Join us for this free webinar, presented by Zurich, to will explore a range of issues associated with how health care providers should prepare for the Affordable Care Act. Register today to view this on-demand webinar. The webinar presentation is led by Dan Nash, Practice Leader-Healthcare for Zurich Insurance, along with Brad Norrick, Managing Director-Healthcare Practice for Willis Group.Register Now.

Cloud computing: How risk managers can clear away the clouds to better understand and manage their exposures

A growing number of companies are moving to cloud computing to take advantage of the economies of scale it offers by allowing them to share computing resources with large cloud providers, rather than having to rely on their local servers. But this presents a host of issues for the risk manager, perhaps most notably the loss of control inherent in firms turning over their key assets to a third party, and what happens when a breach occurs. Register today to view this free on-demand webinar, sponsored by Aon Corp. to hear our expert speakers explore the risks inherent in cloud computing and how to minimize exposure to losses and liabilities. This free one-hour webinar, explores firms' vulnerability to hacking while in the cloud, what they can do to insure their data's security, the issues raised by the fact that data can be physically stored anywhere in the world, and how firms can retrieve their data if they decide to switch cloud providers, among other issues. Panelists included: Mark Greisiger, President of NetDiligence, a a cyber risk assessment and data breach services provider; and John Mullen, who leads the Privacy and Data Security Practice at Nelson Levine de Luca & Hamilton, focusing on the defense of information security and privacy matters. The webinar was moderated by Business Insurance Senior Editor Judy Greenwald. Register Now.

How to drive better engagement and ROI from wellness plans

Employers increasingly recognize that wellness programs are an effective way to improve the health of employee populations, while also having a favorable impact on the cost of health care benefits. Wellness programs not only can help reduce costly health care risks, but also can result in higher productivity, reduced absenteeism and lower disability-related expenses. These wellness benefits are not limited to the largest employers, but also can be achieved by mid-sized and smaller organizations. Register today to attend this free on-demand webinar, sponsored by Aon, to hear our expert panel explore how employers can design and implement a wellness program that achieves strong engagement among employees as well as measurable ROI to demonstrate the value of wellness programs to senior management. The webinar will be presented live online Thursday, May 23 at 2 pm EDT. Panelists include: Paul Landgraf, Director of Human Resource Services for Guardian Industries Corp.; Meg Mosher, Vice President of human resources for SmartPractice; and Thomas Parry, President of the Integrated Benefits Institute. The webinar is moderated by Business Insurance Associate Editor Matt Dunning. Register Now.

Time to Get Active With Risk Reports

Hedge funds and fund managers operate in a fiercely competitive global marketplace defined by new regulatory requirements—UCITS, AIFMD, and Dodd-Frank—with more stringent oversight and increased risk reporting. Faced with this new regulatory environment, asset owners and other investors seek the confidence of enhanced transparency, while internal stakeholders demand risk reports capable of providing critical insights for risk management and decision support. In this on-demand webcast learn how IBM Risk Analytics can help you gain an edge while complying with increasingly stringent regulations, without the need to invest in an in-house deployment or fully-hosted service. Register today.

Med Mal Maelstrom: Health care reform's effect on medical malpractice insurance

The consolidation of the health care industry has led to more medical decisions being made by administrators instead of doctors. To that end, there's been a recent spike in medical malpractice catastrophic losses since the onset of consolidation and health reform, which could lead to greater exposure for hospitals. At the same time, buyer-friendly conditions in the medical professional liability market are not expected to last. Medical malpractice coverage costs are expected to experience modest increases in the short term, driven upward primarily by the combination of continued consolidation among providers and projected increases in health care utilization. Register today to attend this free on-demand webinar, sponsored by OneBeacon Professional Insurance, to hear an expert panel discuss how to navigate potential medical malpractice liability issues. This free one-hour, on-demand webinar, also will explore industry consolidation and the implications of health reform on medical malpractice insurers and health care providers. Panelists included: Lisa Havens, Director of Risk Management and Senior Vice President, Legal Counsel for Scott & White Healthcare; Barbara A. Sinclair, Senior Vice President and Complex Risks Division Leader for OneBeacon Professional Insurance; William J. McDonough, Managing Principal for Integro Insurance Brokers. The webinar was moderated by Business Insurance Associate Editor Mike Tsikoudakis. Register Now.

Crisis of Confidence: How to protect your company's reputation from damage

A company's reputation is one of—if not the most important—assets it possesses, so reputational damage can have a dramatic impact on a company's value, perhaps threatening its very survival. At the same time, the risks to reputation are bigger than ever, with social media and Web-based communications allowing reputation threatening information to spread worldwide at the speed of a tweet, while dramatically reducing response time. Learn about threats to organizations' reputations, how they should be managing them and how they should respond if a reputation crisis occurs. Register now for this free on-demand webinar, sponsored by Zurich. Panelists include: Laurie Champion, managing director of Aon Global Risk Consulting's Enterprise Risk Management Practice; Chris Gidez, executive vice president and global leader of Hill+Knowlton Strategies' risk management and crisis communications practice; and Larry Walsh, vice chairman of the Hawthorn Group, a strategic and crisis communications consultant. This webinar is moderated by Business Insurance Senior Editor Rodd Zolkos. Register Now.