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Business Insurance Webinars

Preparing Employers for the Next Stage of the Affordable Care Act

With the Republicans taking control of the U.S. Congress this month, there will be repeated efforts to amend the health care reform law. What are key revisions of the law in which President Barack Obama's administration and Congress might be able to forge a compromise? How would these changes affect employers? This webinar will explain how and why companies should prepare to comply with fresh health benefits requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the political, legal and regulatory changes that could alter the continued implementation of the five-year-old landmark law. Join us on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 2 PM ET to hear an expert panel discuss the outlook for the Affordable Care Act in Washington, and what employers should expect in 2015. To view this and other on-demand webinars from the conference, register now.

Protecting The Digital Self: Why Insurers Will Be The Frontline For Consumer Digital Risk Services In 2015

Register now for immediate access to this informative webinar, presented by LifeLock Business Solutions and Forrester Research Inc., and learn how addressing customer digital concerns can be the solution to insurers that want to build customer loyalty and fend off future competitors. In this on-demand webinar, Forrester Analyst Ellen Carney reviews the explosion of digital security exposures and threats to consumer personal information and identities. At the same time, she says, insurers are facing potential competition from a wide variety of businesses that are competing for relevance to the customers, such as banks, retailers, utilities and more. The solution for both problemsmight be for insurers to deliver relevant and valued non-insurance services to customers, specifically solutions like LifeLock. Attend this webinar to learn how such an approach can deliver benefits to insurers and their agents, and what other non-insurance services are already being delivered. Register today to view this on-demand webinar.

How Brokers Can Work With Program Administrators to Grow Their Business

The program insurance space is believed to be more than $27 billion. What does this mean to your agency/brokerage? And better yet, how can you take advantage of the opportunities that program insurance offers? Join us on-demand for this webinar from ZProgramsMatch.com and Zurich Programs, and you will walk away with: A better understanding of program insurance and what it can mean to your business; knowledge of trends in the program market, including size, growth and profitability; the reasons why working with a market leader, like Zurich, offers you the opportunity to grow your business with program administrators; and information on how to access program administrators, including Zurich's online resource ZprogramsMatch.com. Can you afford not to have a piece of a $27 billion pie? Register now and learn how Zurich's programs expertise can help you discover an entirely new revenue stream. Register today to view this on-demand webinar.

Top 10 Workers Compensation Cost Drivers

In this video webinar, William Zachry, vice president of risk management for Safeway Inc., reviews what he deems the 10 biggest cost-drivers of workers comp claims, and offers insights and tips on how to set up programs or operations to mitigate or reduce those costs. Included in his presentation is a detailed overview of medical fraud and schemes. The webinar is focused on employer or claims administrator activities, and is designed to offer ideas to help employers, TPAs, brokers and other works comp professionals to either get better results or more accurate pricing of products or services. Originally presented as keynote address during the 5th annual Workers Comp & Safety Virtual Conference. To view this and other on-demand webinars from the conference, register now.

Affordable Care Act—Advancements and Opportunities

The Affordable Care Act has brought changes to the health care system in the U.S., creating new challenges—and opportunities—for employers. This webinar, presented by Kimberly George, Senior Vice President and Senior Healthcare Advisor for Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. in Chicago, explores the implications for workers compensation care by these ACA changes, as well as examining the impact from evolving health care models. The webinar also details exciting new advances in technology and their influence on health care. The focus of the webinar is on helping employers to make the most of the opportunities created by these changes. Originally presented during the 5th annual Workers Comp & Safety Virtual Conference. To view this and other on-demand webinars from the conference, register now.

Prescription Drug Management—Formulary Design for Cost Control, Opioid Management

Opioids are still a huge problem in workers comp. This Business Insurance webinar examines a number of potential solutions that are being attempted, including new state legislation, and a need for closed prescription formularies to help limit some of the problems with opioids and other drugs that are still problems in workers comp. Experts agree that the industry needs to keep talking about the fight against opioid addiction. Speakers include Dr. Steven Feinberg, Chief Medical Officer of Feinberg Medical Group in Palo Alto, Calif.; Alex Swedlow, President of the California Workers' Compensation Institute; and Dr. Vennela Thumula, a policy analyst at the Workers Compensation Research Institute. Sheena Harrison, Associate Editor of Business Insurance, moderated the panel. Originally presented during the 5th annual Workers Comp & Safety Virtual Conference. To view this and other on-demand webinars from the conference, register now.

Safety and the Baby Boomer—Strategies for Managing the Safety and Health of an Aging Workforce

As Baby Boomers enter their 50s and 60s, companies are bracing for dramatic changes in U.S. workforce demographics, particularly as 44% of the U.S. workforce is expected to be 55 and older by 2020. While older workers are less likely to be injured on the job, those who are hurt often take longer to return to work at full capacity, driving employer concerns about keeping this population safe. This Business Insurance webinar will examine how companies can manage safety and health concerns for older workers through strategies such as schedule flexibility, wellness programs and ergonomic job accommodations. Speakers include: David L. Barry, Senior Vp, National Technical Director for Casualty Risk Control for Willis North America; Lance Perry, a Senior Ergonomist/Professional Engineer for Zurich Services Corporation; and Debbie Villegas, Human Resources Manager for Jordan Foster Construction. Stephanie Goldberg, Associate Editor for Business Insurance, moderated the panel. Originally presented during the 5th annual Workers Comp & Safety Virtual Conference. To view this and other on-demand webinars from the conference, register now.

The Changing Face of Risk: Operational and Clinical

Abstract: As the health care landscape becomes more complicated to navigate, risk management continues to evolve. There is a need to assess and mitigate risks beyond those that are clinical in nature. An effective risk management program – one that takes an integrated view of clinical and operational risk – is imperative when looking to minimize or prevent liability exposures. Register today to view immediately on-demand.

Insurers: Build Trust By Protecting Consumers in the Digital Age

Consumers show a growing appetite for expanding their use of online services and mobile devices but want more awareness and control over how their personal information can be safeguarded to protect their credit, their identities and their overall privacy. This Experian webinar will describe and explain the impact of the digital revolution on the consumer and establish how property/casualty insurers are uniquely qualified and positioned to assist and protect consumers in safely and comfortably making the transition to a digital world; one in which personal information of many types is captured and recorded immediately and permanently in electronic form. The webinar is presented by Allen Anderson, president of Experian Partner Solutions, and Todd Eyler, research director of the insurance practice for Aite Group. Register today to view immediately on-demand.

The Future of Healthcare: Preparing Providers for Impact of Affordable Care Act

Ongoing consolidation among U.S. hospitals and health care providers, along with dramatic changes in health care delivery due to the Affordable Care Act, is creating new risks and new risk management challenges for hospital systems and other health care providers. Mergers and acquisitions among providers is creating new scale, new complexity and new exposures. The impact of the reforms will also be felt by providers in their role as employers offering benefit programs that also will be impacted by changes in the health care system. Join us for this free webinar, presented by Zurich, to will explore a range of issues associated with how health care providers should prepare for the Affordable Care Act. Register today to view this on-demand webinar. The webinar presentation is led by Dan Nash, Practice Leader-Healthcare for Zurich Insurance, along with Brad Norrick, Managing Director-Healthcare Practice for Willis Group.