Business Insurance

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Matt Barone
Company: Beazley P.L.C.
Category: Insurers

Gary Dubois
Company: Pioneer Underwriting Ltd.
Category: Insurers

James Witchell-Jones
Company: Capita Insurance Services Ltd.
Category: Other Providers

Christopher Sindle
Company: Hub International Ltd.
Category: Brokers

Bevis Tetlow
Company: Hiscox Re
Category: Reinsurance
Steve Brockmeyer
Company: The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers
Category: Associations

Michael Heid
Company: Alliant Insurance Services Inc.
Category: Brokers

Royce F. Cohen
Company: Tressler L.L.P.
Category: Other Providers

Catherine Besselman
Company: Ironshore International
Category: Insurers

Courtney Leimkuhler
Company: Marsh L.L.C.
Category: Brokers