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Was your company featured in an article or listing in Business Insurance?

If so, let Business Insurance's Custom Reprints help you create professionally designed reproductions of your press coverage.

For information on reprint products and options, please visit www.businessinsurance.com/reprints. Or contact Lauren Melesio, Reprint Sales Manager, with any questions at (212) 210-0707 or BusinessInsurance@reprints.crain.com

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To order any current or back issue of Business Insurance by phone, or to subscribe, call our circulation customer service department at 1-877-812-1587 (outside the United States, call +1-313-446-0450).

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Business Insurance is available in a new interactive digital edition that is accessible on your computer through a Web-based magazine reader or on tablet devices such as iPad, Kindle Fire, or popular Androids. To access the digital edition, simply subscribe today. If you are already a subscriber, or would like more information on the digital edition, go to our mobile apps page. If you have any issues accessing the digital edition, please contact customer service at 1-877-812-1587 within the U.S. or 1-313-446-0450 outside the U.S. You may also email us at customerservice@businessinsurance.com.

Article Research and Article Photocopies

To request a comprehensive search of past articles on a topic in Business Insurance publications, or to conduct other, in-depth research, the Crain Information Center is available to help. Rates for basic services are as follows: Bibliographies of articles on a single topic are available for a minimum charge of $37.50 and up, depending on the complexity of the search; research in Business Insurance and other Crain publications is $150 per hour; document delivery is $100 minimum.

Article photocopies sent via fax or email are available through the Crain Information Center. Each article is $10/page and delivered via email as a pdf document. Charts are priced separately with a minimum charge of $150.

For more information or to order photocopies, contact:

Crain Information Center
150 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60601-7620
PHONE: 312-649-5476 or 312-649-5329

Perspective articles guidelines

Business Insurance accepts articles from experts in commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits management for publication in its Perspectives section. The section is intended to be a forum for readers' opinions and a forum for the discussion of technical topics that do not lend themselves to news stories. Interested in submitting a Perspective article for publication? Download our Perspective guidelines. View published Perspectives

List Rental

Portions of Business Insurance's subscriber database are available to qualified companies for list rental. For availability by corporate title selection, size of company, general business or industry, geographic location, and for pricing, contact:

Parijat Gandhi, director of demand generation services

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Business Insurance offers several free email newsletters and news alerts to registered users. This is a convenient way to stay on top of fast-paced developments in the risk management and employee benefits industries. To register for news alerts, please register or update your profile at: E-mail Newsletters