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UP CLOSE: Cory Isaacson



Risk Management Solutions Inc.

PREVIOUS POSITION: Broomfield, Colorado-based CEO at CodeFutures Corp.

GOALS FOR NEW POSITION: To transform the way that risk is analyzed and accessed by the insurance industry.

CHALLENGES FACING INDUSTRY: The industry is changing a lot. The amount of data we have access to and the expansion of insurance into different areas continues to be a challenge.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: It's very exciting, the part we are involved in. People are going to be relying on information and data more.

FIRST INDUSTRY JOB: I have built software for insurance before, but this is really my first job in the industry itself.

ADVICE: I think you need to stay on top of the trends and learn a lot about technology to do the job better. It's all changing quickly.

OUTSIDE THE INDUSTRY, A DREAM JOB: This is my dream job, being a (chief technology officer) with a challenge like this. I feel very fortunate.

HOBBIES: I like to be outdoors a lot. I run and ride bikes and hike. I also play music. I've played music all my life.

THING MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: I have an interest in farming and have started a small lavender farm in Colorado.

WHEN I RETIRE: Transition into consulting. I doubt I will ever stop really working.

FAVORITE MEAL: I like Italian food in New York.

ON BOOKS: I like a lot of technology and business books.

BEST CITY: New York is my favorite place to visit.

ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON: I am trying to be outside exercising or catching up on work for the week.

THOUGHTS ON SMARTPHONES: They have totally changed my life, and they have changed many lives. It's hard to imagine what we did before them.