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OFF BEAT: Hockey fans can add another icy risk to their pastime


The Los Angeles Kings might have brought joy to the lives of most of their fans with their Stanley Cup championship run this past season, but one Los Angeles area couple claims the team robbed them of some of theirs, blaming the National Hockey League team in a lawsuit for ruining their sex life, according to reports.

TMZ Sports reported that the suit claims the couple was at a birthday party for their granddaughter at the Kings Icetown facility in Irvine, California in January when a puck flew into the room they occupied away from the rink and struck the woman on the head knocking her unconscious.

According to the report, the suit claims the injury left the woman with nausea, headaches, memory loss and mood swings and was responsible for a fall she later took down a set of stairs after losing her balance due to the injury’s aftereffects, resulting in a fractured wrist.

In addition to the woman’s injuries, her husband claims in the suit that the episode caused him to lose the “enjoyment of sexual relations” with his wife, according to the report, which said the couple’s suit against the Kings seeks medical expenses and other damages.

The Kings had not responded to requests for comment, according to the report.