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Women in insurance say leadership roles still lack gender diversity: Survey


Women in the insurance industry see room for improvement in terms of gender equality in leadership roles, according to an Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation study, the group said Thursday.

While 68% of the 800 women surveyed earlier this month say their companies are “actively promoting gender diversity,” only 26% see the insurance industry as “more embracing of women in leadership versus other sectors,” the study found.

The survey showed that respondents found two chief obstacles for women in the insurance industry: a “perceived lack of desire for senior roles to be filled by women,” as well as “biases in the advancement/hiring structure within organizations.”

Some respondents said there are limited leadership opportunities for women, while others said women suffer from shortcomings in promoting themselves.

“As demonstrated by the Women in Insurance Conference Series, there is a clear and significant interest within our field to promote leadership diversity at a company and industry level,” said Kerian Bunch, New York-based executive vice president and general counsel for U.S. operations with Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd., said in the statement.