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UP CLOSE: Jenni Lee Crocker



Marsh L.L.C.

PREVIOUS POSITION: Richmond-based director with Ernst & Young L.L.C.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: The job has a great deal of potential to inspire people and build best-in-class relationships. I am looking forward to working with a team that is considered the best in the industry.

GOALS FOR NEW POSITION: There are a lot of tenured, seasoned employees here in Richmond, and we want to ignite that. We want to give that all to our clients. That's pretty exciting.

CHALLENGES FACING INDUSTRY: The umbrella of risk has evolved and grown. What was considered the management of an insurance program has turned into a boardroom conversation. The industry is evolving, just as risk is evolving. The challenge is staying ahead of the boardroom discussions.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: We need to be bigger than just looking at insurance renewals. We are in that moment of change.

FIRST INDUSTRY JOB: At Ernst & Young. (This is) a mid-career jump for me.

WHAT SURPRISED ME: How similar the discussions were between an insurance broker and an accountant. You are still having a business discussion. These are just discussions on doing right by the business.

OUTSIDE THE INDUSTRY, A DREAM JOB: If I had the ability, I would have been an interior designer.

HOBBIES: I'm an avid reader, and I love tennis. I love vegetarian cooking.

CAN'T-MISS TELEVISION SHOW: I'm a sports fan. I like college football and college basketball.

FAVORITE BOOK: Anything by Jane Austen. I love all of her books and all the BBC productions of her novels.

THOUGHTS ON SMARTPHONES: I've had an iPhone attached to my hand since they came out. I don't know life without it.