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OFF BEAT: Halle Berry wasting precious time on watch suit


Time is money, as they say, but according to an Italian watch maker embroiled in a legal dispute with Hollywood star Halle Berry, the actress has prioritized work and vacation over taking a deposition in a $2 million lawsuit.

Ms. Berry in October filed suit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against Milan-based ToyWatch S.p.A. claiming that the company invaded her privacy and infringed her copyright, among other things, when it used her image on watches.

ToyWatch counters that since the watches are made and distributed in Italy, U.S. privacy and trademark laws are not applicable.

According to gossip website TMZ, Ms. Berry originally said she would make time to take a deposition in May but then pulled out, citing work commitments.

The star now has said she cannot spare the time this month either because of vacation plans, according to ToyWatch.

The watch maker now says she is cutting it close, since the court case is set to start in July.

The countdown is now on to see what Ms. Berry’s next move will be. Maybe someone needs to buy her a new timepiece?