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OFF BEAT: Flintstones car thieves get highly evolved punishment


Three teenagers in Sacramento, California got a lucky break after they were caught with stolen property.

The thieves stole comic book store owner Dave Downey’s classic Flintstones car from the front of his store in December 2013, according to CBS Sacramento.

Instead of pressing charges against the three teen thieves when the car was recovered, Mr. Downey got creative: He offered them a job opportunity.

The teens took Mr. Downey’s generous offer to stand outside his store, World’s Best Comics, dressed as the Flintstones on the store’s busiest day of the year, Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.

“They’ll be wearing Flintstone garb. Right they will. Fred and Wilma and Barney,” Mr. Downey told CBS Sacramento. “They’ll be out front in the street holding signs that say, ‘World Comic Book Day here at World’s Best Comics’.”

“The legal system and the messiness of it, that’s not always necessary. And I think this was one of those times when it just wasn’t necessary,” Mr. Downey said.