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OFF BEAT: Elvis estate all fired up over firearms marketing ploy


A gunmaker’s new Elvis-based marketing campaign has left the King’s heirs all shook up.

Representatives of Elvis Presley’s estate filed suit against Italy-based weapons manufacturer Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. in a federal court in Tennessee last week, claiming the company used the late crooner’s image without permission.

Alleging intellectual property infringement, the lawsuit notes the company used Elvis impersonators at trade shows and during a social media campaign to promote its new shotgun.

“Elvis’ interest in firearms and target shooting is well-known by his fans and gun aficionados,” the lawsuit states. “Beretta made a deliberate and intentional decision to tie its new product, model 692, to Elvis and trade on his popularity to generate as much publicity as possible when introducing model 692 to the public.”

The suit asks that Beretta stop using Mr. Presley’s image in its advertising campaign as well as unspecified damages, thank you very much.