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Best Small Benefit Brokers and Advisers

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1. McGraw Wentworth

Troy, Mich.
Employees: 72
McGraw Wentworth is the largest group benefits broker/consultant in Michigan, according to McGraw Wentworth. “Our sole focus is to help Michigan’s midsize organizations (100 to 10,000 workers) design, implement and manage a group benefit program that meets organizational objectives, satisfies the needs of team members, controls cost effectively and complies with governing regulations.”
Among the things McGraw Wentworth offers its employees is a work-from-home program including remote computer access to company files and email. It also provides employee longevity bonuses distributed annually with a total value of $150,000.
During the December holiday season, “we are particularly festive as it coincides with the close of our busy fourth quarter. We give every employee a $100 gift card and choice of box of gourmet chocolates or five jeans days, plus an off-site holiday party.”