In just a few years, cannabis trading has moved from an underground market to a booming legal business. With medical marijuana legal in 33 states and adult use marijuana legal in 11 states and Washington D.C., cannabis and cannabinoid producers and distributors have quickly grown to such a size that they need support from a diverse range of financial services companies – including insurance firms.

The insurance industry has been wary of covering cannabis-related industries but there is growing interest in the sector and more insurers, agents and brokers are handling business in what they view as a business sector set for a huge expansion.

As the cannabis sector and insurers examine the risks inherent in cannabis production and distribution questions are arising on everything from crop coverage to directors and officers liability insurance. In addition, the rise of cannabis as an alternative pain medication will have significant implications for the workers compensation sector.

With the insurance industry and the cannabis sector grappling with complex coverage and liability issues, Business Insurance is launching a new conference centered on cannabis insurance and risk management for anyone interested in the cannabis and cannabinoid market.  This conference was not developed and is not intended for claims and litigation management professionals.  

Experts from a wide range of companies – insurers, brokers, cannabis distributors and producers, and others – will gather in New York in October to discuss the special issues affecting cannabis insurance and risk management, talk about solutions and provide thought leadership on this emerging issue.  

Be part of the conversation.

Contact Katie Kett at kkett@businessinsurance.com for late registrations.

Following are the registration categories:

  Early Bird Price
(Through September 1) 
(After September 1) 
Risk Managers $99.00 $199.00
Industry Professionals $499.00 $599.00
Service Providers $1499.00 $1599.00
Outside Counsel Not eligible Not eligible


Teresa Bartlett, SVP, Senior Medical Officer, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.
Darrick Cole, President & Co-Founder, Skytree Capital Partners
Stacey Jackson, General Counsel, Golden Bear Insurance Company
Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner, Emeritus
Steven Monroe, Beazley
Mark Pew, Senior VP, Product Development & Marketing, Preferred Medical
Eduardo Provencio, General Counsel, Mary’s Medicinals
Charles V. Pyfrom, Senior Vice President - Commercial Programs, CannGen Insurance Services/Next Wave
Kelly Radkowski, Cannasure Insurance Services
Gavin Souter, Editor, Business Insurance
Ian Stewart, Attorney at Law, Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP
Ryan Sullivan, Corporate Counsel, BIC Corporation
Corey Tobin, Vice President, Bolton & Company


Founding Partners