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A small minority rethinking retirement

Posted On: Feb. 28, 2024 9:57 AM CST


Here’s a bit of good news for industries worried about the loss of industry knowledge and talent as more Americans retire: About one-fourth of them have no plans to leave the workforce and about 10% of them are delaying retirement.

According to a survey of 560 older Americans by Medicare technology company Medicare FAQ, 23% of retirees struggle to find purpose and fulfillment in retirement and 20% regret retiring early if they chose to do so.

Money is also an issue: 78% regret that they didn’t save enough money or prioritize finances.

The survey also found that the transition from working full-time to being retired “can be tough,” and 22% of retirees say this transition was “harder than they anticipated.”

Don’t get too excited, human resources peeps: Overall, 93% of retirees said they now have time for things they couldn’t do while working full-time.