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Michigan marijuana pre-employment testing ban takes effect

Posted On: Oct. 2, 2023 1:28 PM CST


A new rule banning pre-employment drug screening for marijuana for some prospective state workers in Michigan went into effect on Sunday.

The rule change, which was adopted in July by the Michigan Civil Service Commission, says that conditional offers of employment to new hires for positions that aren’t subject to random drug testing can no longer be rescinded based on marijuana positivity.

Some safety-sensitive and other state positions are still subject to pre-employment testing for marijuana and state employees can still be subject to drug testing based on impairment suspicion, random selection and post-accident, according to the commission.

Safety-sensitive positions include those operating certain vehicles, equipment and machinery. The ban also doesn’t apply to law enforcement positions, health care workers and prison employees.

Workers can still be disciplined or fired if they have impaired levels of drugs or alcohol, including marijuana, while at work.