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Sedgwick unveils artificial intelligence tool Sidekick

Posted On: Apr. 26, 2023 3:25 PM CST


Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. announced Wednesday the introduction of its artificial intelligence tool, Sidekick, a Microsoft OpenAI GPT-4 integration designed to improve workflow for insurance claims professionals.

The platform is aimed at improving claims documentation speed and accuracy and will automate other routine tasks. It is Sedgwick’s first use case of GPT technology.  

“When you improve the speed and accuracy of completing repetitive and routine task-based activities, it allows our unbelievably talented claims professionals to both expedite the cycle time of a claim and spend more time on the things that are fundamental to both the claims experience and the claims outcome,” said Sedgwick CEO Michael Arbour.

The platform enables Sedgwick claims professionals to use generative artificial intelligence performance and language processing on daily tasks.

Mr. Arbour said the development of large-model, language-based generative artificial intelligence such as GPT-4, when embedded into Sedgwick’s application environments, “is going to have an incredible impact on our ability to improve the results we produce for our clients, the experience of the claims process, and the day-to-day experience of working at Sedgwick.”

Automating work processes will give claims workers the ability to focus more on the individuals served by Sedgwick, and spend less time on routine tasks, the company stated. 

“We wake up thinking about ways to use technology and continually invest in innovation to help make those things better, not just from an economic standpoint but also from an experiential standpoint,” Mr. Arbour said.

Sedgwick says future versions of the application will likely include producing entire claim summaries, identifying risk factors on claims and programs and exploring emerging data trends.