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Oregon OSHA dials back COVID protection requirements

Posted On: Mar. 31, 2023 10:16 AM CST


In line with updated public health guidance from the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division announced Thursday that it will rescind its COVID-19 safety requirements for all workplaces and employer-provided housing on Monday.

Yet in order to rescind the rules, Oregon OSHA says it must first implement a temporary rule to suspend the COVID-19 requirements, giving it time to adopt a rule that makes the rescission of COVID-19 requirements permanent.

In September 2022, Oregon OSHA had removed many of its COVID requirements – including indoor use of facial coverings – for general workplaces and employer-provided housing while keeping such measures in place for health care settings.

Oregon OSHA says its current move to fully rescind its COVID-19 requirements, including for health care settings, will further align the division with the state’s most recently updated guidance and additional stakeholder feedback.

Also, Oregon OSHA will implement rule changes to its existing protective work clothing provisions to allow workers to still wear a facial covering if they choose at the cost of the employer.