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PTSD eligibility expansions proposed in two states

Posted On: Mar. 22, 2023 10:43 AM CST


Maryland lawmakers are considering legislation that would expand the state’s post-traumatic stress disorder workers compensation presumption to line workers.

A draft of H.B. 1302, made public Wednesday, would add “line worker for a consumer-owned transmission and distribution utility or an investor-owned transmission and distribution utility” to the state’s law on PTSD presumption, of which only first responders are eligible. 

A second state — Wisconsin — is also proposing to expand PTSD benefits by amending qualification standards. A.B. 115, introduced Tuesday and sent to a committee, would add “emergency medical responders, emergency medical services practitioners, volunteer firefighters, correctional officers, emergency dispatchers, coroners and coroner staff, and medical examiners and medical examiner staff” to the list of qualifying professions.