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FTC seeking comments on cloud computing providers’ security

Posted On: Mar. 22, 2023 4:19 PM CST


The Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday it is seeking information on cloud computing providers’ business practices, including their potential security risks.

It is also seeking information on these providers’ market power and their impact on competition, the agency said in a statement.

Topics on which the FTC is seeking comment include the extent to which: particular economic segments are reliant on a small handful of cloud service providers; they compete in providing secure storage for customer data; and they identify and notify their customers of security risks related to security design, implementation or configuration.

The statement said the FTC has filed several cases against companies that did not implement basic security safeguards to protect data they stored on third-party cloud computing services.

The agency said it has also issued guidance to businesses on steps they can take to secure and protect data stored in the cloud.

The deadline for submitting comments is May 22.