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Budgets, staffing hamper cybersecurity for midsized businesses

Posted On: Mar. 15, 2023 9:24 AM CST


Midsized businesses with fewer than 2,000 employees have significant cybersecurity vulnerabilities, with many either unprepared, understaffed and/or underresourced, says a survey issued Wednesday.

Respondents identified gaps in budgeting, staffing and skill sets as obstacles to deploying robust security programs, according to the survey of 256 private sector businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

The survey, which was conducted in January, was sponsored by Ellicott City, Maryland-based Huntress, a security platform, and conducted by Nashua, New Hampshire-based Virtual Intelligence Briefing.

Among other survey results, 61% of respondents said they do not have dedicated cybersecurity experts in their organization. A total of 49% said they will budget more for cybersecurity in 2023, 43% will remain at their current level, and 7% plan to budget less in the coming year.

The report said 47% of the surveyed organizations said they do not have an incident response plan, and more than 40% do not conduct regular formal security awareness training.