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Sniffing out some funny pet names

Posted On: Mar. 10, 2023 10:44 AM CST


There’s no shortage of quirky pet names, and as proof Figo Pet Insurance is using TikTok to not only market its products but to give pet lovers something to chuckle about.

In a series that began airing on the social media platform earlier this year, gaining millions of views as of this week, names such as Car Seat French Fry, Mr. Ugly and Lotion are gaining recognition as among the funniest and most bizarre pet names in the insurer’s database, the Pet news site reported.

Among other favorites, selected by, are Detective Johan Von Gohan, Big Dave, Goblin King, Guts, Long Division, Big Head, Louis the XIV the Dancing King of France, Tate R. Tot, Duck Muscles and Soup.

“Generally, I think the team was just inspired by the creativity of our customers, and people come up with the best stuff, right? From McRib to nostalgic names like Topanga if you’re a ‘90s kid, I think we just wanted to show our audience some of our favorites,” the Figo Pet Insurance’s head of marketing told the news site.