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Horse organization not horsing around over donkey products

Posted On: Feb. 28, 2023 11:50 AM CST


Is donkey meat the same as horse meat?

Of course, of course, claims a lawsuit filed by the Center for Contemporary Equine Studies, a nonprofit organization, against Amazon Inc., which the nonprofit is accusing of selling products that contain donkey meat.

Unlike horse meat products, selling donkey products is not illegal in California, where the complaint was filed. However, the organization claims that donkeys are in the same “Equidae” family as horses, according to the food news site

The had its take on the case: “this argument may not hold up in court, since the specific prohibition being cited in the legal complaint does not clearly define what is considered ‘horse’ meat.”

Meanwhile, the news site investigated, finding at least 15 edible items on Amazon that contained donkey, with four of them being directly distributed by Amazon. Reporters then ordered the products to see if Amazon would prevent the sale to a California address and the sale went through “without an issue,” according to, which says the issue will be left up to a judge.”