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Scandinavian Airlines network hit by hackers, app compromised

Posted On: Feb. 15, 2023 8:32 AM CST


(Reuters) — Scandinavian Airlines said it was hit by a cyberattack Tuesday evening and urged customers to refrain from using its app but later said it had fixed the problem.

News reports said the hack paralyzed the carrier's website and leaked customer information from its app. The entire website was down for a while Tuesday.

According to news agency TT, customers who tried to log into the SAS app were logged onto the wrong accounts and had access to personal details of other people.

Various Swedish companies and organizations have recently been hit by presumed cyberattacks.

Earlier Tuesday, Sweden's national public television broadcaster, SVT, was temporarily down. The broadcaster wrote on its website that a group called “Anonymous Sudan” had taken credit for the attack, posting on Telegram that Swedish media would be attacked as a result of Koran burnings in Sweden.