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Maryland bill would add legal fees in medical comp cases

Posted On: Feb. 13, 2023 1:58 PM CST


A proposal by Maryland lawmakers would provide for the payment of legal fees in medical workers compensation cases.

House Bill 1012, introduced Friday, states that in cases in which no compensation is payable to an injured worker, but the individual is awarded medical benefits during a hearing, employers and insurers would be directed to pay a maximum of $2,000 for legal services on behalf of the covered employee.

In such instances, the Workers’ Compensation Commission would be required to order an employer or its insurer, a self-insured employer, or the Uninsured Employers’ Fund to pay the legal fees for the worker in connection with his or her comp claim.

If the proposed legislation becomes law, it will take effect Oct. 1.

The measure is now before the House Economic Matters Committee.