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A not-so-proud audition turns into lawsuit

Posted On: Feb. 10, 2023 12:17 PM CST

American Idol

A failed former “American Idol” contestant claims she was working for the show every night and day while auditioning for the show and deserves to be paid in accordance with California hour and wage laws.

Normandy Vamos, who made headlines for her high-pitched voice and claims she was made a “laughingstock” in her rendition of “Proud Mary,” is taking lead in a class action against the production companies behind the show, claiming she and others should have been paid as employees as they waited to audition, according to several media outlets.

“American Idol’s producers seem to feel they can break labor laws and exploit ambitious young performers simply because they may be eager for a shot at becoming the next Jennifer Hudson or Carrie Underwood,” Ms. Vamos’ attorney, Chantal Payton, said in a statement, accessed by Fox News.

 “Vamos and other performers who create content for ‘American Idol’ have rights as employees, but the producers have chosen to ignore those rights. They treated them as so-called volunteers, when in reality they are employees who should be paid,” Ms. Payton added.

Contestants were asked to remain at a Los Angeles hotel and be available for up to 15 hours a day with no compensation, according to the complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and accessed by Fox News.