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Jake from State Farm moves in on hilarious commercial chatter

Posted On: Feb. 3, 2023 11:50 AM CST

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Just as we enter Super Bowl commercial madness, lighting up social media this week is a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that spoofed State Farm’s promise to always be there for homeowners, “24/7,” featuring a creepy, unhinged Jake from State Farm arriving at an insured’s home to assist with a clogged toilet claim, and never leaving.

Played by actor and first-time SNL host Michael B. Jordan, Jake then takes the kids and wife out for pizza, to church the next day, puts the moves on the wife, teaches the kids piano and how to toss a baseball, and eventually moves all his red-collared uniform shirts into a closet, all much to the horror of the husband, who sneaks off in the middle of the night to search insurance rates. 

Cue horror movie theme music, a dark living room, and Jake. “Even if you do find cheaper coverage, we’ll just match it,” Jake tells the husband in the soft light of a laptop, then kisses him on the head.

The sketch, which aired Jan. 28 and has been viewed more than a million times, has even been a subject of lighthearted Tweeting by at least one State Farm competitor: The Geico Gecko, who tweeted, “We’ve got a different idea about 24/7 customer service.”

Even the Jake from State Farm account had some fun with it: “Like he said, we’re always there (laugh ‘til you cry emoji).”