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Oregon bill would add chiropractors as full attending comp physicians

Posted On: Jan. 27, 2023 1:27 PM CST


A legislative proposal in Oregon would add chiropractors to the list of medical providers qualified to be attending physicians in workers compensation claims.

Oregon lawmakers Thursday introduced House Bill 3150, which would also amend current comp law by removing limits on duration of medical service and number of visits and certain areas of practice for chiropractors serving as attending physicians in cases involving injured workers.

The bill also authorizes injured workers to receive compensable medical treatment from a primary care physician or chiropractor who is not a member of a managed care organization but who maintains an employee’s medical records and who has a documented history of treating the individual.

The measure would give managed care organizations the ability to authorize chiropractors to provide medical services and authorize temporary disability payments for longer durations.  

Meanwhile, Oregon legislators filed a separate bill, S.B. 418, earlier this month that would mandate employers adopt policies that offer injured workers paid time off during scheduled shifts in order to attend medical appointments relating to compensable injury or occupational disease claims.

The measure prevents employers from forcing injured workers to use paid personal time off, sick leave, vacation time or any other accrued paid time off in order to attend to their appointments.

Under the measure, employers would be required to implement the new time off policies no later than Dec. 31.

That bill was referred to the Senate Labor and Business Committee on Jan. 14.

Both of the bills were filed as emergency legislation that are scheduled to take effect immediately upon passage.