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Comp bill seeks to add notification requirements for medication discontinuance

Posted On: Jan. 26, 2023 11:21 AM CST


Employers and insurers who wish to discontinue or reduce medications prescribed to an injured worker would have to follow notification protocols under a bill filed in Connecticut on Thursday.

H.B. 6550 states that “if an employer, any insurer acting on behalf of the employer or any other entity acting on behalf of the employer proposes discontinuing or reducing payment for any prescription drug, that a physician, surgeon, physician assistant or advanced practice registered nurse has deemed reasonable or necessary… such employer, insurer or other entity shall notify the administrative law judge and the employee, by certified mail, of such proposed discontinuance or reduction of such payments.”

The notice must “specify the reason for the proposed discontinuance or reduction and the date such proposed discontinuance or reduction will take effect” and inform the injured worker that they have 15 days to request a hearing.

The bill was referred to Joint Committee on Labor and Public Employees.