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Legislation seeks to add K9 personnel, video techs to PTSD law

Posted On: Jan. 20, 2023 12:06 PM CST

first responder PTSD

Connecticut lawmakers on Friday read through two more bills that would extend the state’s workers compensation presumption for post-traumatic stress disorder to several classes of first responders.

H.B. 6366 would extend benefits to volunteer emergency medical service personnel, first responder dive teams, K9 search and rescue personnel and dispatchers. H.B. 6370 would add to the law video technicians who review and process police body camera footage.

In Mississippi, lawmakers on Monday introduced S.B. 2624, which would create a PTSD presumption for first responders and, as an alternative to workers compensation when applicable, paid mental health services and 30 days paid time off, the costs of which would be capped at $7,500 annually.