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Montana bill would revise ‘recreational activity’ comp provisions

Posted On: Jan. 11, 2023 12:56 PM CST


A bill filed in Montana would amend the state’s workers compensation laws relating to situations in which employees are injured during off-the-clock employer social events.  

House Bill 178, introduced last week, would update current law to state that an injury does not arise out of the course of employment when the employee is hurt while engaged in “unpaid” activities regardless of whether the employer pays for part of the activity or whether the activity occurs at a worksite.

Employees who are on paid time while participating in required employer-sponsored activities would still be eligible for workers comp.  

Social or recreational activity is defined as an activity undertaken by employees for “exercise, relaxation, pleasure, or voluntary or optional preparation related to the employment.”

The measure is scheduled for a hearing Friday before the House Business & Labor Committee.