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Flood resilience event canceled due to rain

Posted On: Nov. 16, 2022 12:00 PM CST

flood resilience

A local community in England discovered Tuesday that sometimes you just can’t catch a break.

The Buckingham and Villages Community Board, which is in one of the areas of the United Kingdom that has been badly affected by flooding in recent years, had intended to demonstrate flood resilience equipment to local residents and provide them with an opportunity to quiz flood prevention experts, the BBC reported.

Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly in England in November, the event slated to take place in the car park of the local library had to be canceled due to “poor weather.”

“The irony of the event being canceled due to bad weather isn’t lost on us,” one of the organizers told the BBC. But with pouring rain and high winds forecast the board feared that people would not turn up or would get unnecessarily cold and wet, he said.