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AI no replacement for creative humans: Ron Howard

Posted On: Nov. 14, 2022 12:42 PM CST

Ron Howard

Is AI a Terminator for movie professionals?

Not according to actor and Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard.

Speaking at the opening general session of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society in San Diego on Nov. 9, Mr. Howard said while artificial intelligence is a tremendous boon to corporate America, it’s not about to take over the role of humans making movies. 

Advanced technologies like deepfakes can be a challenge from a societal standpoint, but however the image is created, “it’s going to require creative people, whether you call them actors, or designers and programmers,” Mr. Howard told the audience of professional liability insurance execs.

Neither is Hollywood about to replace artists and filmmakers with AI, he shared. AI can expand opportunities “beyond our imagination,” but individuals must still decide why movies are going to be interesting to audiences, and audiences will still need to connect with what’s on screen, Mr. Howard said.