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To whom it may concern, just stop

Posted On: Nov. 2, 2022 11:38 AM CST


Hey! Before you pen that email or sift through work messages, you might want to read this.

A new survey has ranked the worst online greetings for workplace correspondence: no greeting, followed by “Hey,” “Hey there,” “To whom it may concern,” and “Hi.” The best? “Good morning/afternoon,” “Greetings,” “Dear (sir/madam),” “Dear (name),” and Happy (day), i.e., “Happy Monday.”

The survey of 1,000 workers by the resume and job site also found that most spend a lot of time on email: 40% of employees spend approximately three weeks to more than a month — 520 to 780 hours — on work email correspondence annually.

As the results found, a “lucky” 58% who claimed they needed no more than two hours per day to sort out work-related emails had the least work experience (1-2 years). At the same time, the percentage drops to 36% in the case of employees with the longest work experience.

As LiveCareer posed, “The more you work, the more you care? Or is it just workplace Stockholm syndrome?”