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Mattel not toying with potato chip maker

Posted On: Sep. 15, 2022 12:21 PM CST

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Mattel Inc. asked a federal judge in Los Angeles on Tuesday to dismiss its lawsuit against hip-hop-inspired snacks brand Rap Snacks Inc. over its Nicki Minaj-inspired “Barbie-Que Honey Truffle” potato chips, which Mattel argued violated its “Barbie” trademark rights, Reuters reported.

Mattel’s lawyers dropped the dispute just over a month after filing the complaint, which claimed the newest version of rapper-inspired chips by the Miami-based snack company created customer confusion and a false association with Barbie dolls.

The terms of any settlement were not disclosed and the attorneys involved did not respond to requests for comment, Reuters reported.

Ms. Minaj has long used “Barbie” as part of her persona, yet she was not a defendant in the case. She had collaborated with El Segundo, California-based Mattel on a doll for charity in 2011, Reuters reported.

Rap Snacks has made several products based on famous rappers, such as Snoop Dogg's O.G. Bar-B-Que Cheddar potato chips.