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Gimme a break; employees want more special circumstances time off

Posted On: Aug. 10, 2022 12:34 PM CST


Human resources folks and the C suite are on notice: breaking up is hard to do, it’s also awful when your plant dies, and when you have a hangover.

A new poll released this month by human resources regulatory compliance company Trusaic has ranked the kind of unusual new job benefits that employees would like to see employers offer – including both “Breakup leave,” “Hangover leave” and “Houseplant bereavement leave.”

A quarter of all respondents in the poll voted for “Paid celebration recovery leave,” otherwise known as “Hangover leave” as a fantasy job perk they would like to see employers offer, according to Trusaic.

On breakups, 17% of all respondents chose “Breakup leave” as a desired job perk for employers to begin offering. On that note, some want time off to break up with social media: 12% of respondents chose “Social media detox days” as a job perk that they would like to see from their employers.

Another pain point? When your sports team loses: 9% of respondents opted for this time off to mourn a team’s major loss. For those who love their houseplants, 5% want a special day to mourn that loss.