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Coalition offers free cyber, response services to Ukraine companies

Posted On: Mar. 4, 2022 2:16 PM CST

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Insurtech Coalition Inc. said Friday it will provide its cybersecurity and incident response advisory services for free to Ukrainian companies and to nonprofits and public interest organizations globally.

It also called on the wider cybersecurity and cyber insurance communities to join its effort, saying it would welcome their participation and support in the program, known as Operation Nightingale.

Operation Nightingale has been launched to “mitigate the impact of escalating cyber risks for nonprofits and public interest organizations around the globe – and particularly for all such organizations in Ukraine,” Coalition said.

Such organizations may not have the resources to invest in cybersecurity or the capability to recover from a cyberattack, Coalition said in a blog post.

Members of organizations working in the arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, democracy, or public interest can apply for Operation Nightingale.

Qualifying organizations will have access to Coalition’s cyber risk assessment and monitoring services, including its incident response team.

Cyberattacks directed at nonprofits and public interest organizations by economically and politically motivated actors are a “troubling trend,” the blog post said.

“The prospect of cyber warfare is a stark reminder that a cyberattack could result in everything from data destruction and operational shutdowns to supply chain disruptions and blackouts,” Coalition said.