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3. Executive’s death chilled insurance sector

Posted On: Dec. 28, 2021 7:48 AM CST

Heidi Hull

The insurance industry lost a dedicated executive in 2021 when Heidi Hull was killed in a family tragedy. 

Ms. Hull was an operations senior vice president, Cleveland operations manager, for insurer FM Global when she and her two children were killed in an apparent murder and suicide involving her husband.

The story about her death was the third most read story on Business Insurance’s website in 2021.

Less than a year before her death, Ms. Hull had been named one of the Business Insurance Women to Watch. She began her career at FM Global as a temporary employee and worked there almost 20 years, becoming the first woman to be promoted to senior vice president-operations manager in the company’s 185-year history. 

She was passionate about her role at FM Global and believed strongly in her work and helping businesses and communities achieve economic resilience. 

In an interview when she received her award, Ms. Hull said she was from a small town with a single main industry that constituted the lifeblood of the community. Supporting an enterprise such as that, and indirectly the community and its members, was important to her, she said. 

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