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Sowing the seeds of reassurance

Posted On: Sep. 21, 2021 12:52 PM CST


An indoor plant subscription company says it wants you to “build a sustainable long-term relationship” with your houseplants and that its commitment to those of us who worry that our new green friends might not make it past a season now comes with insurance options.

Brooklyn, New York-based Horti recently announced on its Instagram feed two new “insurance plans” that will help plant lovers manage “plant care anxieties” with this pledge: “We promise that we won’t let your plants die, and if despite your best efforts you lose a plant — we will resurrect it!”

From its website: For $4.99, there’s Plant Reassurance, which provides preventive care and personalized advice from a “plant doctor” who can help diagnose and provide care tips for struggling plants. And for $9.99, one can purchase Plant Resurrection, which provides preventive care and personalized advice for any plant from Horti, plus this promise: “We will replace your plant if it cannot be saved despite our guidance and your best efforts.”