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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ plot spoiler?

Posted On: Jun. 30, 2021 11:21 AM CST


“Grey’s Anatomy’s” most injured character has a few workers compensation claims to file.

In 17 seasons, protagonist Dr. Meredith Grey has survived a near drowning, a bombing, a patient’s attack, a plane crash and even, as the 2020 season unfolded in all its bustling emergency room glory, a COVID-19 infection. Is she finally dead?

“Given Meredith’s track record, her fate does not seem too bleak. Fans have gone back and recounted all the accidents she has experienced so far. Several of them are quite notable, but she remains alive,” the entertainment website Showbiz Cheat Sheet wrote on Tuesday. “In real life, any insurance company would deem her a high risk,” the site points out. 

Regarding her accidents and the possibility of her having to foot some of the bill for her medical care — a high deductible plan, perhaps? — one viewer (well-versed in property/casualty products?) chimed in on a Reddit forum: “a lot of them would be considered workers comp, so her insurance wouldn’t have had to pay anything.”