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Comp insurers could strike out from MLB’s bizarre injuries

Posted On: May. 27, 2021 12:30 PM CST


A thumb fractured in the course of removing a shirt? A torn meniscus during a failed attempt to pummel a teammate with a whipped cream pie? A scratched cornea from a feather in a hotel room pillow? These are just some of the “bizarre injuries” that have plagued Major League Baseball players over the years, according to a recent roundup compiled by The Washington Post.

Last week, Cleveland Indians player Zach Plesac fractured his thumb while removing his shirt in the locker room. But many other MLB players have suffered similar fates, such as a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher who cut his fingers with salad tongs, another Brewers player who dislocated his shoulder during spring training trying to rip a phone book in half or a Tampa Bay Rays pitcher who fractured his toe when he tried to move a piece of decorative granite in a bathroom.

The Post article did miss the famous 2004 sneeze from Chicago Cubs’ Sammy Sosa, who sprained ligaments in his lower back when seasonal allergies got the best of him during his pre-game chat with the press. 

Workers comp insurers — be careful insuring these players or you may strike out.