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Michigan lawmakers introduce two COVID-19 comp bills

Posted On: May. 4, 2021 10:55 AM CST

Michigan capitol

Lawmakers in Michigan on Tuesday introduced two pieces of legislation that would classify COVID-19 as a compensable “personal injury” for workers compensation purposes.

H.B. 4748 applies to workers on the job during a declared state of emergency, classifying them as “essential workers” and making them eligible for workers compensation on presumption retroactive to March 10, 2020.

H.B. 4753 addresses long-term health issues resulting from COVID-19. It states that “illness or disease related to a COVID-19 infection is not an ordinary disease of life” as described in current workers comp law. That law states that an ordinary disease of life is that “which the public is generally exposed (to) outside of the employment” and is not compensable.

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