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Sounding the alarm on another work-from-home perk

Posted On: Apr. 2, 2021 10:14 AM CST


There’s working in your pajamas. Trouser-less Zoom sessions. The absence of road rage. And now this: The German Insurance Association says they are noticing significantly fewer home burglaries with more people working from home in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Break-ins fell to an all-time low — dropping to 85,000 in 2020, 10,000 fewer than the previous year and the lowest since the association began tallying figures in 1998 — as renters and homeowners who stayed away from the office began moonlighting as their own daytime security, according to Reuters.

“Burglars often had no opportunity to carry out the deed,” the association’s leader Joerg Asmussen told a reporter.

As a result, damages fell to an equivalent of $270 million, $83 million less than in 2019, while the average size of an individual claim fell by 10%, the association reported.