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Insurer goes fishing for laughs

Posted On: Apr. 1, 2021 11:31 AM CST

April Fool

It isn’t until you get to the part about behavioral therapy, stress management and micro-acupuncture that one begs the question: Is this a joke?

Pet insurer Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. went on the public relations wire Thursday — April Fool’s Day — to announce its latest offering: Insurance for your pet goldfish.

“Goldfish are the third most common pet in American households with hundreds of millions sold every year — yet there’s never been insurance coverage for friends with fins. Until now,” the press release announcing accident and illness insurance reads. “Starting in the coming weeks, Pumpkin’s best-in-class-style coverage will now be available for this highly popular, but often overlooked member of the family.”

A spokeswoman confirmed, yes, it’s a joke. Hey, you never know. Strange times. And with a plug such as this? “A child’s first pet holds a special place in their heart, which is why we want to help them live as long as possible,” Alex Douzet, CEO of Pumpkin, said in the press statement (We agree.)

“There is a massive gap in the market when it comes to the household goldfish. While other companies have coverage for ‘exotic pets,’ they’ve completely excluded the most common family fish. We are here to fill that gap to help children, and their parents, take the absolute best care of their goldfish.”