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Insurers: Reach out and touch someone

Posted On: Feb. 4, 2021 2:00 PM CST


Don’t be shy, insurance companies: 67% of consumers want you to call them, according to survey results released Thursday by the communications company First Orion.


Yet, 60% of consumers don’t answer calls from their insurance company because they don’t recognize the phone number, and 90% want the company to better identify themselves, the telephone survey found.


“Quite often when consumers reach out to their insurance provider, they have urgent questions or concerns that require personal attention, topics they prefer to speak directly to their provider about,” Viki Zabala, chief marketing officer at First Orion, said in a statement.


“Providers are tasked with answering consumer questions in a timely manner and keeping customer information safe and secure. But instead, they put consumers at risk by not identifying themselves at the outset of a phone call – especially when spam calls are at an all-time high.”