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Christmas crunch sends striker’s auto rates up

Posted On: Jan. 21, 2021 1:14 PM CST


‘Twas not a Merry Christmas for Michail Antonio. Even dressing like a snowman couldn’t save the star forward for Britain’s Premier League West Ham United soccer club from a Grinchy lot.


Mr. Antonio now has to pay £20,000 ($27,420) for his car insurance through a specialist company as a result of a Christmas Day 2019 crash in which his Lamborghini could not negotiate an icy turn, leaving the star striker and his Italian luxury rocket up a curb and into a wall. All this dressed as a snowman.


He was unhurt after the crash, and a source added no alcohol was involved, ESPN reported.


His wallet, however, did not escape unscathed.


“I was struggling to get insurance this year. No one wanted to insure me. I had to go to a specialist insurance company, so my insurance this year is a madness,” he said, according to the ESPN report.


He now drives a G63 (AMG G 63 SUV), Mercedes’ monster sport-ute, which should tame the icy roads for him.


“I’d rather pay £20,000 and drive a G63 rather than pay £10,000 and drive an A3 (Audi sedan),” he said.