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How not sweet it is to be lied to: Lawsuit

Posted On: Jan. 4, 2021 1:16 PM CST


Not all of King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls are made in The Aloha State, according to a class-action lawsuit filed over the bread company’s assertion that its sweet rolls come from the islands.


The law office of Sheehan & Associates PC in New York confirmed to Fox News on Friday it has filed a lawsuit against the 70-year-old company for allegedly misleading customers, claiming in documents filed in federal court that the rolls are manufactured in California.


“This statement is important for U.S. consumers because they expect the absolute truth — which means no ambiguity,” a representative from Sheehan & Associates PC wrote to Fox News via email. “While Hawaiian rolls and company name by themselves don’t cause people to expect a product made in Hawaii any more than a moon pie be made on the moon, the prominent placement of Hilo, Hawaii (on the package) gives a misleading impression to consumers.”


King’s Hawaiian did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment. The news outlet reported that public records show that King’s Hawaiian has production facilities in Torrance, California, where the company opened its first bakery, and Flowery Branch, Georgia. The brand’s sweet rolls were originally made in Hilo, Hawaii.