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Ensure your Tinder date isn’t trying to sell you insurance

Posted On: Feb. 14, 2020 2:12 PM CST


Move over younger-self photos and vocation fibbing on dating apps, there’s a new kid in town: someone masking love interest to sell insurance.

Yes, insurance agents are catfishing — a term known for duping an unsuspecting belle or beau on a dating site — on such apps as Tinder to get up close and personal with a potential client’s insurance portfolio, according to Channel New Asia.

The news site culled such tales of woe on Internet message boards, with affection-seeking individuals duped into dates with those turned out to be insurance peddlers. Turns out that it’s “a thing,” the news outlet reported.

In one tale, a man meets a woman, an insurance agent whose only interest in him was to sell him insurance, boosting his financial stature to better attract other woman. In another story, a woman posted that she was asked out on a date to a nearby Starbucks and when she arrived, she noticed that his iPad had the logo of a well-known insurance company “and knew right away that she was being targeted.”

“I told him straight away that I'm not interested in any insurance and he just kept quiet throughout the whole ‘meeting’,” she wrote.