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Surprise! Jellybeans contain sugar and other wacky lawsuits

Posted On: Feb. 4, 2020 2:53 PM CST


From a man upset over his date’s behavior during a movie to a woman who claimed she was shocked that jellybeans contain sugar, online site 24/7 Tempo created a list of some of the craziest lawsuits from the last decade, according to a report from USA Today.

  • A Dutch citizen lost his bid to change his age legally to avoid ageism on Tinder.
  • A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a California woman against Jelly Belly, claiming that their use of the word “evaporated cane juice” fraudulently misled her to believe that the jellybeans did not contain sugar.
  • An Austin, Texas, man who sued his date for spending the whole time they were at the movies on her phone withdrew the lawsuit after she agreed to pay him the $17.31 for her movie ticket.
  • Subway settled a case with a teen who filed a lawsuit claiming the company’s foot-long sub only measured 11 inches.
  • Red Bull agreed to pay $640,000 in an out-of-court settlement after a group of consumers filed a class-action lawsuit claiming the energy drink company misled them because the beverage failed to energize them.
  • A judge dismissed a $5 million lawsuit against McDonald’s filed by two customers over the fast food chain’s charging the same price for a quarter pounder with cheese and a quarter pounder without.
  • And a trial is pending in a case filed by a man against Popeyes Louisiana Chicken alleging that the fast food chain engaged in deceptive advertising and ran out of its much-publicized chicken sandwich while he waited in line.