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AltumAi releases app aimed at reducing comp costs

Posted On: Jan. 22, 2020 2:25 PM CST

AltumAi releases app aimed at reducing comp costs

Technology startup AltumAi has released an app aimed at reducing workers compensation costs and improving workplace safety.

AltumAi’s futureWork app can be used on a cell phone and works as a wearable that senses a worker’s motion to increase risk awareness, a company spokeswoman said. The app can be tailored to communicate specific safety messages and used by risk managers and supervisors to improve communication and develop solutions and recommendations to reduce injury risk.

AltumAi employs 10 full-time workers and has several distribution, technology and thought-leadership partners, including NFP Corp., where Los Angeles-based CEO Doug Turk continues to work as regional managing director, Marsh-JLT Specialty, Orlando-based Siemens Energy Inc., Sweden-based Ericsson and Irvine, California-based Western Growers Association.

Headquartered in Chicago, AltumAi is led by Mr. Turk, co-founder and chief technology and data officer Simon Prowse and co-founder and chief client and product officer Lars Skari.

Prior to co-founding AltumAi, Mr. Prowse worked for IBM Corp. Mr. Skari came from investment firm Takenada Partners LLC and remains a member of its board.