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Smoking vocational opportunity for the pot enthusiast

Posted On: Nov. 19, 2019 11:56 AM CST


Job seekers worried about failing a marijuana screening may want to head over to for an application.

The pot products distributor is looking for someone to review “a wide variety of cannabis products and give their unbiased reviews and opinions of the product” for the site’s blog, according to the job description.

The work-from-home gig pays up to $36,000 a year and is described in a disclaimer as an “important job that includes more than just getting paid to smoke weed. If you think that’s the entire scope of the job, then this might not be for you.”

There’s also coordination involved, as the job candidate “must also be comfortable in front of the camera since the job includes unboxing videos and explainer videos of how each cannabis product performs and differs from other, more notable products in the category.”