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Death wish life insurance company named startup of week

Posted On: Nov. 18, 2019 10:48 AM CST

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Want to send a loved one shopping in the event you die? Want a nude bronze statue of yourself? Want to have your body stuffed with drugs so funeral-goers can smash into you like a pinata?

Sounds reasonable, says an advertisement for, a life insurance company based in the United Kingdom that aims to grant whatever your death wish may be — its quirky promise earning its title as “startup of the week” by alternative news magazine on Friday.

With policies available online and based on age, and not outlandish ideas, deadhappy promises to make life insurance a little more fun, according to its website.

Yet, as points out: “If you look at the fine print, though, you'll see that deathwishes aren't actually, uhh, real: ‘In reality, what will happen is that your legal next of kin will receive a lump sum of your total payout and it’s up to them to decide how it is used.’ So, it's like ... life insurance. Boring, boring life insurance.”